Gambier Island Conservancy

Streamkeepers and Mapping Project



Little detailed environmental data existed for the Island.

The Conservancy was concerned that without hard data and increased public awareness the

environmental values would not be protected both on the private and crown lands.

Pressures to develop and log land have escalated in recent years.

The Conservancy wanted to take a pro-active approach to help the Land Use Planning

processes currently underway (OCP review) by providing much needed data.



Collect available digital data and analog maps in a central location.

Digitize and make data more accessible (Arcview) for land use planning and field/inventory


Data collected: TRIM, forest cover, orthophotos, cadastral, geological, zoning, biophysical


Identify gaps and prioritize projects.


Mapping Projects

Streamkeepers: detailed fish habitat assessment and stream mapping.

Mapping Gambier's watersheds.

Environmentally Sensitve Areas Project.

Study of the riparian zones around Gambier's Lakes.

Old Growth Study.

Wetlands Project.



Integration of data sets with the Streamkeepers/SHIM detailed stream-mapping data.

Recognizing the accuracy limitations within each set of data (e.g., Island outline).

Need an effective way to store meta-data.

Increased level of technical skills required by local volunteers to manage the data.

Logistics of doing detailed field work in a remote rugged island location.

Availability/distribution of environmental information to interested agencies/groups/persons.



Need a central repository for data to avoid duplication and assist other initiatives.

Need standards for mapping and inventory work that will allow increasing levels of detail to

build progressively without duplication.

Having standards would enhance shareability and reduce redundancy.


For more information, please contact:

David Doyle

Maria Van Dyk

Lois Kennedy