Private Well Network

General Instructions

1. This atlas has been designed for Internet Explorer version 5 or higher. Some of the functions will not work with Netscape.

2. If you don't see a map appear in the lower frame of this page, it means that you have not installed the Autodesk Mapguide Viewer. You can install it by going to the Autodesk website. Follow the instructions very carefully and make sure that you select the option Autodesk Mapguide Viewer for Microsoft Internet Explorer in Step 4.

3. If, after having installed the Autodesk Mapguide Viewer, you still do not see a map appear in the lower frame of this page, it is a possibility that a firewall may be preventing you from accessing the map. Ask your System Administrator for help.

How to use the Atlas

The Atlas allows users to: turn layers on or off, zoom in and out, print maps, and view water sample results. To download or view well test results, follow the steps below:

Quick Start Guide

1. The most common functions are:

          a.  Turn layers on or off.
 Use the check boxes on the left side panel to turn themes on or off. The layers are organized into groups - you will need to check the box beside the group in order to view the themes inside it. Some themes are "scale dependant". This means that they will only be available when you are zoomed in to the right scale.

           b.  Zoom in or out.
To zoom in, select the zoom in tool Zoom In Tool . Position the mouse (now showing a magnifying glass) over the map and either click to zoom in automatically, or drag a square to zoom in to a specified area.
To zoom out, choose the zoom out tool Zoom Out Tool, position the cursor over the map and click. More options are available by right clicking the cursor over the map.

          c. Move within the map.
Select the pan tool Pan Tool to move within the map. Position the cursor over the map, click and hold the mouse button down while moving the mouse. The map will refresh in the new location.

           d.View water sample results. 
Select a private well location with the select tool and then select 'View Well Report' from the top right hand corner. If water sample results are available, this will open a new display window that displays water sample results. Private well locations disappear when you zoom below 1:5000 to respect the privacy of the well owner.


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