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Red Sea Urchin

Phylum: Echinodermata
Class: Echinoidea
Order: Echinoida
Family: Strongylocentrotidae



Distribution: rocky areas throughout exposed and protected coastal waters.

Habitat: rocky substrates, especially ledges and crevices; locate near or in giant or bull kelp beds and other brown algae in areas of moderate to swift currents; larvae drift and feed in plankton; juveniles settle near kelp beds, often associate with aggregations of adults, remain under adult spines until they reach 40 mm.

Tidal elevation: extreme low tide to 100 m subtidal depth; most concentrated abundance just below the upper limit of range, usually 5-10 m subtidal.

Food: herbivore; grazes on attached marine plants and drifting kelp fragments; primary food is kelp and may limit kelp distribution.

Predators: sea stars, sea otter, octopus, crabs, wolf eels; numerous predators on larvae.


Slow, very dependent on food (i.e. kelp) supply; sexually mature at 50 mm test diameter reached at 2 yr; reaches commercial size, 100 mm at 4-5 yr; may reach 190-200 mm test diameter.


Small commercial diving fishery; minimum size limit 100 mm; 1986 commercial catch was 2,067 t valued at $1 million.


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